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This is a multi physiotherapy machine
Muscle and bone pain and breathing out system
Control, hypertension and low blood presure control.
asthma control and prevent diabetes control. Removes
toxins or poisoning. Breathe in good health, blood
transfusion therapy Dynamic Systems Improved blood
circulation Please. Weight loss and skin beauty lactin
acid and uric acid manage the Yang are out of balance.
Enough oxygen to cells Supplies.Dynamic Systems Therapy
A digital electrical six channel system.
Two electronic
For the pad, and two for diagnosis of a sleeper and one
Diagnosed the Disease,one altra sound for treatment.
Six types of massage can be used to pulse wave.
Pads and Six types of massage can by sleeper.

The package includes:
* Dynamic Systems Therapy
* Pad 4
* alatra sound device
* Stand 1 pair of shoes
* Power adupter 1
* English User Manual 1
* the way it is attached to the 4 tarera

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